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Ginspiration for LaBodega Cava.

Social Media Management, Strategy
The social media strategy for the gin event held at LaBodega Cava was meticulously crafted to engage and entice gin enthusiasts. With a strong focus on specific gin brands, the strategy aimed to create a buzz around the event and generate excitement among the target audience. The color palette chosen, featuring a captivating dirty blue, evoked a sense of summer and added a touch of sophistication to the event’s identity. The typography used for the event’s title, “Ginspiration,” was inspired by vintage gin label designs, bringing a classic and timeless aesthetic to the forefront. Through captivating visuals, intriguing captions, and strategic use of hashtags, the social media channels were leveraged to create a sense of anticipation, highlighting the unique gin offerings and inviting attendees to experience the event’s exquisite selection. The strategy focused on building a community of gin enthusiasts, fostering engagement, and generating interest in the event, ultimately driving attendance and ensuring a memorable and inspiring experience at LaBodega Cava.