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Fish Festival.

Logo, Print Media, Social Media
Opsis created a comprehensive visual branding solution for a fish festival that covered all aspects of communication and social media management. The festival logo was designed to evoke a sense of excitement and maritime adventure, while posters and promotional items such as t-shirts and flags helped to build excitement and encourage participation. Directional signages ensured that visitors could navigate the festival with ease, and social media posts kept everyone informed and up-to-date. Flyers and programmes provided a convenient way for visitors to plan their festival experience, and the overall visual branding created a cohesive and memorable experience for all those involved. The Fish Festival logo was created with a simple, minimalistic approach featuring linear elements and patterns. The designers chose to use three main blue shade colors to maintain consistency and establish a strong sense of identity for the festival. The color blue was selected to evoke a sense of the ocean and the maritime world, while the linear patterns and minimalistic design style helped to create a clean and modern look. The end result was a logo that was both eye-catching and memorable, perfectly capturing the essence of the festival and providing a strong foundation for all future branding efforts.